David Hasler - Ph.D.

email: david.hasler@bluewin.ch 
MS in micro-engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland, 1996.
MS Thesis, Daimler-Benz research, Germany, 1996
Sensor simulation in virtual environments.
NASA Ames, USA, summer 1996
Design of control algorithms for authonomous robots.
Doctoral School in communication systems, Switzerland, 1997
Acoustic echo cancellation.
Sony US Research Labs, summer 2000
High dynamic range imaging.
Ph.D. 2001
Perspectives on Panoramic Photography

Genimedia SA, 2002
Building colour image quality metrics.
GretagMacbeth AG (now Xrite), germany, 2002-2004
Representative at the Internatinal Color Consortium (ICC)
Reproduction of colours, gamut mapping
CSEM SA, Switzerland, 2004-present
Embedded computer vision

Technical topics of interest: 

  • Computer Vision
  • Colour Imaging

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