Past Student Projects

Past Diploma Projects

• Real-Time Modeling and Visualization of the Gamut of 3- to 7-Ink Color Reproduction Devices (Lex Schaul, EPFL-SSC, Agfa, Belgium, September 2006 - February 2007)
• Subjective Image Quality in Logitech Webcams, (Loic Segapelli, EPFL-SSC, Logitech, Fremont California, USA, April 2006 - October 2006)
• Automatic Red-Eye Removal (Flavien Volken, EPFL-SSC, Olivetti, Switzerland, April - September 2006)
• Illuminant Invariant Face Detection (Guillaume Heusch, EPFL-SSC, IDIAP, Martigny, Switzerland, September 2004 - March 2005)
• Development and Testing of a Photoshop Plug-in for Gradation Evaluation (Alexandre Simon, Konica-Minolta, Tokyo, Japan, September 2004 - February 2005)
• Color management of a solid state light source projection device (Loic Baboulaz, EPFL-SSC, Sony International, Germany, September 2003 - February 2004)
• Virtual Digital Camera (Damien Vercauteren, EPFL-SSC, LCAV/EPFL, September 2003 - February 2004)
• Etudes et simulations de scenes 3D dans le cadre d'un appareil à photos numerique virtuel (Gaëlle Garbani, Systèmes d'information, Université de Genève, LCAV/EPFL, August 2003 - April 2004)
• Car Tracking on a Video using a Kalman Filtering Approach (Andrea Schweizer, EPFL-SSC, Dartfish, March 2003 - September 2003)
• ICC-Profile Generator for High-End Digital Cameras (Cedric Normand, EPFL-SSC, Sinar, March 2003 - September 2003)
• Real-Time Cloth Simulation (Robert Bargmann, EPFL-SSC, CGL/ETHZ, March 2003 - September 2003)
• Scale-Resistant Quantization based Watermarking Systems (Jean-Christoph Durand, EPFL-SSC, Philips Research, March 2003 - September 2003)
• Detection of Moving Color Transparency (Philippe Roud, EPFL-SSC, LCAV/EPFL, March 2003 - September 2003)
• Visual Quality Metric for H.264 Encoder Rate Control (Vincent Mischler, EPFL-SSC, Sony, Japan, April 2003)
• Salient Regions for Automatic Color Correction and Image Content Description (Clement Fredembach, EPFL-SSC, Gretag Imaging AG and ETHZ, March 2003)
• Analysis of the Influence of Sensitivity Functions on Color Demosaicing Algorithms (Joanna Marguir, EPFL-SP, October 2002 - March 2003)
• Modeling of texture movies for video coding (Stephane Valaeys, EPFL-DE, VisioWave, March 2002)
• Color correction and filtering of digital images and video (Anna Liberg, University of Uppsala, Genimedia, March 2002)
• Color Contrast Detection in Spatial Chromatic Noise (Gianluca Monaci, University of Sienna, Italy, February - August 2002)

Past Semester Projects

Winter Semester 2006-2007
• Combined Super-Resolution and Demosaicing, (Karim Krichane, EPFL-SSC, MS 3rd semester)
• Imaging pipeline implementation in Simulink, (Cristina Martinez Diaz, EPFL-SSC, MS 1st semester)
• Automatic Object Removal Using Multiple Images, (Raphael Coquoz, EPFL-SSC, MS 3rd semester)
• Text Detection in Natural Images (Olivier Küng, EPFL-IN, MS 1st semester)
Summer Semester 2006
• Exposure Management in Panoramic Photography, (Aboubakr Bekkali, EPFL-SSC, MS 4th semester)
Winter Semester 2005-2006
• Implementation and Comparison of Super-Resolution Algorithms, (Cecilia Perez, EPFL-IN, 7th semester)
• Change detection in natural scenes using temporal texture signature, (Romain Jandard, EPFL-IC, 7th semester)
• Camera architecture description for e-learning (Marion Albertini, EPFL-IC, 7th semester)
• Optics Models for Virtual Camera (Raphael Baecher, EPFL-IC, 9th semester)
Summer Semester 2005
• Movement Tracking and Analysis for Instrument Player: AI Instructor, (Alexandre Alahi, EPFL-IC, 8th semester)
• Virtual Sensor in the Virtual Camera, (Omonlére Dotou Atchade, EPFL-IC, 6th semester)
• 3D Reconstruction from 2D Depth Images, (Mohamed Hedi Fetoui, EPFL-IC, 6th semester)
• Creation of a boundary detector for the segmentation of high dynamic range images, (Sebastian Pittet, EPFL-IC, 8th semester)
• Testing Retinex algorithms using YACCD images database, (Kamand Kamangar, EPFL-IC, 6th semester)
• Generation of high dynamic range images from scenes containing a moving object, (Olivier Hochreutiner, EPFL-IC, 8th semester)
• Interactive Video game for monitor calibration, (Patrick Zbinden, EPFL-IC, 8th semester)
• Virtual Digital Camera, (Leonard Porta, EPFL-IC, 8th semester)
• Super-resolution imaging applied to a Single Photon Avalanche Detector (SPAD) sensor array, (Hai Zhan, EPFL-IC, Doctoral school project)
• Color mosaicing with a Single Photon Avalanche Detector (SPAD) sensor array, (Zafer Arican, EPFL-IC Doctoral school project)
Winter Semester 2004-2005

• Virtual Digital Camera, (Daniel Jungels, EPFL-SSC, 9th Semester)
• Seeing the Forest but Not the Trees, (Christian Cornaz and Mounir Krichane, EPFL-SSC, 9th Semester)
• Video on MSN Never Sleeps, (Luca Wullschleger, EPFL-SSC, 7th Semester)

Summer Semester 2004
• High dynamic range image rendering using a retinex-based method and a global tone mapping, (Anne Hierholtz, EPFL-SSC, 6th Semester)
• Image demosaicing using super-resolution techniques, (Florian Jousset, EPFL-SSC, 6th Semester)
• High dynamic range images from multiple images, (Marc Barmettler, EPFL-SSC, 6th Semester)
Winter Semester 2003-2004
• Automatic Color Image Enhancement, (Geraud Mudry, EPFL-SSC, 9th Semester)
Summer Semester 2003

• Quality assurance for digital camera images, (Damien Vercauteren, DSC 8th semester)
• Shadow perception and its application to image segmentation, (Christian Cornaz and Mounir Krichane, , DSC 6th semester)
• Super-resolution in images using optical flow and irregular sampling, (Marc Rumo, DSC 6th semester)

Summer Semester 2002

• Color Imaging Algorithms for Photofinishing Applications, (Clement Fredembach, DSC 8th semester)
• Color Encoding for Digital Cinema Production, (Marc Lecoultre, DSC 8th semester)
• Comparative study of color demosaicing algorithms, (Daniel Bany, DSC 6th semester)
• Programming Plug-ins for Digital Cinema Application, (Simon Alexandre, DSC 6th semester)

Winter Semester 2001-2002

• Digital Cinema Quality, (Serge Yeterian, DSC 5th semester)
• Color Encoding for Digital Cinema Production, (Marc Lecoultre, DSC 9th semester)

Summer Semester 2001

• Texture modeling based on Joint Statistics of Wavelet coefficients, (Amina Chebira, DSC 6th semester)
• Pattern recognition by multiresolution features, (Stephane Valaeys, DE 8th semester)

Winter Semester 2000-2001

• Piezo Movement of a Digital Camera, (Romain Zanolla, DSC 5th semester)
• White Shading of a Digital Camera, (Philippe Roud, Jean-Christophe Durand, DSC 5th semester)

Summer Semester 2000

• Image Watermarking, (Marcos Losada, DE 8th semester)
• Scanner Spatial Frequency Response, (Patrick Vandewalle, DSC 6th semester)

Past MICS Internships

Summer Internship Program for Female Undergraduate Students 2006
Undergrad Research Opportunity Program 2006
• Multidimensional Image Enhancement from a Set of Unregistered and Differently Exposed Images (Ali Ajdari Rad, July 2006 - September 2006)
• Super-resolution algorithms (Karim Krichane, July 2006 - September 2006)
Summer Internship Program for Female Undergraduate Students 2005
Undergrad Research Opportunity Program 2005
• High Dynamic Range Imaging Application (Paloma Tirado Heideyer, July 2005 - September 2005)
• Dynamic Texture Synthesis with Real-Time Learning (Stephane Schnyder, July 2005 - September 2005)
• Super-Resolution Application (Patrick Zbinden, July 2005 - August 2005)
• Developing Simulations in Flash for an eLearning Project (Claudia Rappo, August 2005 - September 2005)
• Developing Simulations in Java for an eLearning Project (Diana Durán Apraiz, August 2005 - October 2005)
Summer Internship Program for Female Undergraduate Students 2003
Undergrad Research Opportunity Program 2003
• Texture Segmentation (Jean-Pascal Aribot, August 2003 - September 2003)
• Virtual Digital Camera Scene Simulation (Gaelle Garbani, August 2003 - September 2003)
• Frog Recognition (Anushini Ariarajah, Fabien Saint-Roch, August 2003 - September 2003)
• Visibility of Noise in Natural Images (Maria Gordon, July 2003 - August 2003)
Summer Internship Program for Female Undergraduate Students 2002
• Maria Luk (July 2002 - August 2002)